Notice of HCHS Dress Code

While it is early in the summer, we know students and parents are already purchasing clothes with the school year in mind. This is to help clarify what may be appropriate for the next school year.

While full adherence to the NISD dress code policy is advised, for the ‘18-’19 school year we will expect all students to refrain from wearing “tank tops, spaghetti straps, exposed backs or midriffs, and see-through garments” as stated in the handbook. Fabric on the shoulder should be at least the width of a student school ID card. Shorts are not permissible. Additionally, the handbook specifies that skirts “should not be more than four inches above the knee.” Please understand that torn jeans that exposes skin four inches above the knee would also violate this policy.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the fall semester!