Healthy Start: Learning Tree Program

Learning Tree After-School Program

Currently, the Learning Tree After-School Program has 61 sites. Each of those sites has a Program Specialist that leads their staff in addressing the needs of their after-school student population. In the first and second year of the grant, a Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH ) Kids Club workshop was held for all program specialists and their staff which encompassed physical education and nutrition education concepts. CATCH manuals and activity cards were given to each campus, as well as PE equipment and supplies in order to sustain their programs.


CATCH Workshop Testimonials: 

 “In the twelve years that I've been working for Learning Tree and going through many sports trainings such as ASK, YMCA, COSA, Mr. Happy, etc. this was the best training I have attended thus far. It was fun, exciting and offered the nutrition component as well, which is a big plus for our students.” - Roger Saenz, After-School Program Specialist

“Training was engaging and well prepared.  Lessons are easy for youth leaders to understand and staff will have no issue on implementing the goals of the CATCH curriculum.”  -Leo Sanchez, After-School Program Specialist 

Learning Tree After-School Program students engaging in CATCH activities: