News from Our Rotation Specialists

Art News
We have great news from the NISD''s Art Dept.  Art Fest has been postponed to May 24th. This allows 5th and 4th grade time to complete their large projects of horses (pony express), totem poles, dinosaurs, boulders and pigeons (homing).   Thanks you to all 5th grade students that have been attending morning art class at 7:15 am- 7:40 a.m., Monday through Thursday.  We will not have morning art classes Monday March 3rd through March 7th.  We will continue once we come back from Spring Break.

Mrs. Villanueva
Art Specialist

Music News
The last two months have been very busy in the music department.  In January, Fifth Grade started a unit about instruments of the orchestra.  They learned about all the instruments so they can make a good choice when choosing an elective in sixth grade.  Fourth Grade began a new unit on playing recorders.  All NISD fourth graders received recorders and will continue playing those until Spring Break.  At that time, the students can take the instruments home and keep them. 

Mrs. Ransdell
Music Specialist

PE News
The Hatchett Elementary physical education department is glad to be back from spring break and ready to attack the Fitnessgram (3rd-5th). The students will be assessed on flexibility, endurance, pushups and curl ups to see if they fall within the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ). Weather permitting,  our Kinder -2nd graders will be trying to dominate our Frisbee golf course as they get introduced to Frisbee and Frisbee golf.

Mr. Gamez and Mr. Villarreal
PE Specialists

Computer News
January came and flew right by us. We're are still working on lessons from, but now we are alternating between lessons from that program, to actual hands-on projects that enable the students to apply what they learn. The growth of knowledge in the students is incredible. Each project and lesson we do in class is a step in the right direction towards the future..... Have a Great Spring Break!

Mr. Mendiola