ALPHA Middle School

Middle School


NISD honors student choice by allowing middle school GT students to choose their GT class.  Choices include: GT English/Language Arts, GT Social Studies, or GT Science. Currently, students are permitted to take just one GT course per year.  While all three subjects are offered at all grade levels on course cards, numbers determine whether or not a class is formed. Middle school GT classes include opportunities for students to explore content through:

Depth and complexity


Higher-level thinking

Inquiry thinking

Scholarly behaviors

Ologies and ographies


Perseverance/task commitment


One component of the middle school GT model is the Middle School Innovative Project (MSIP).  This is a multi-disciplinary opportunity for students to study a topic of interest in-depth. Topics must be related to the content of the student’s GT class.  The MSIP aims to be a rigorous, relevant opportunity for students to use their own independent research to develop an innovative product. Students who complete the MSIP develop leadership and presentation skills, as well as inquiry and research processes.  These students become more proficient in the analysis and synthesis of information, and above all, develop confidence in their own abilities.




GT Mentathlon

One thousand 7th graders put their brains to the test during two days of mental challenges, problem solving and teamwork. It’s a battle of the minds, otherwise known as GT Mentathlon.