Grants & Recognitions : Services

Access to Resource Materials:

A wide range of resource materials on grants and alternative funding sources, both in hard copy and online. 

Information Dissemination:

Stays current on grants and related funding opportunities as well as recognition opportunities and disseminates this information in a variety of ways (e.g., Departmental Newsletters, GroupWise, Principals Newsletters, Department Web site - Intranet). 


Offers training sessions on proposal development and how to locate funding. Learn More

Assistance and Consultation:

If an NISD staff member needs consultation or special assistance, an appointment can be scheduled. The Grants and Recognitions Department provides NISD staff assistance to...

  • locate funding sources;
  • develop grant writing strategies;
  • understand the applications process;
  • establish timelines;
  • develop winning proposals; and
  • successfully implement grant funded programs.

If you are interested in obtaining funds to support a program for your school/district, please call the Grants & Recognitions Department at 397-8562.