Mary Lou Fisher


Mary Lou Fisher
F is for Family
Mary Lou Fisher was devoted wife of E D “Potts” Fisher for 25 years. They raised their two children all over the world together. Though Potts was away at times serving his country in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, there were many times in his military career that the family was able to be together spending four years together in Germany and two years in England. Mary Lou was also the devoted mother of two children, David and Linda. Both children are Northside ISD graduate and graduates of St Mary’s University. She is also the doting grandmother of five grandchildren.

Campus Handbooks

I is for Innovative
Mary Lou Fisher served as the Head Guidance counselor of the Guidance Department at John Marshall High School until retirement. While working there she served on the Guidance Steering Committee for a ten year period developing a sound curriculum for guidance that was measurable and influential in reaching all the students that Northside serves. Eventually, the state of Texas which adopted the plan that Mrs. Fisher and her colleagues worked so hard to create
  S is for Sensitive
Looking back at her life, Mrs. Fisher finds the greatest satisfaction realizing that she has been able to know and counsel so many people. She has been able to share the joys and sorrows that we all have in this life.
  H is for Hope
Often, when she is out she will run into young men or women who stop and ask, “Aren’t you Mrs. Fisher? You were my counselor and my friend. You lent me your ear for awhile and gave me hope.”
  E is for Education 
Mary Lou served educator from her first job in Dayton, Kentucky teaching 5th grade in 1953 until her retirement in 2002. She has taught 5th grade, Kindergarten, high school English, 7th grade English, and finally as a guidance counselor. During this she has no doubt touched the lives a thousands of people.
  R is for Retirement
Since retirement she was primary caregiver for her daughter, Linda during back surgeries and recovery. She has mentored young women through the Christian Job Corp. She has tutored students preparing for their GED exam. She has also served on the Prayer Ministry and the Bread Ministry for her local church. Mary Lou Fisher reflects back saying, “God has been very good to me and has always brought people to me who need encouragement and a helping hand.”
  Acrostic poem written by Chris Engstrom and was presented to Mrs. Fisher at the official dedication of Mary Lou Fisher Elementary on October 28, 2006.