CCA Testimonials

Going into CCA I didn't know what to expect. Not knowing nearly anyone at CCA or over at the Warren campus. I was kinda on the shy side. Every staff member is very nice to talk to and be around. Learning our basics of construction from Ms Ackles, and getting all different types of certifications that will help aid you when you go to get a job. This very beneficial to me when getting hired to work at a plumbing company. Then once we split off and went into our career branches I learn even more. Going into our last two years we finally got to start working on our senior tiny homes. Working on the homes, you get so much experience and learn how a construction site works. CCA will always be in my life, since it helped make me who I am.

Austin Pendley, C/O 2019

When I submitted an application to Construction Careers Academy (CCA) I was so nervous!  I remember the day I received the news I would be a part of Construction Careers Academy.  I was beyond excited, and once school started I quickly realized I definitely made the right decision by applying to CCA.  Teachers, peers, and administration were all amazing, motivating, patient, and always there to help or guide me.  I chose the electrical trade as my late grandfather was a journeyman electrician and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.  CCA taught me so much!  Hands on learning is the best way for me personally and that is exactly what I got to do at CCA.  When I graduated from CCA I was hired on through a company that found me through CCA.  I immediately started working after graduation.  I am making more money than some adults in my family that have been working for years.  I am beyond blessed and grateful for all that CCA has taught me.  From leadership, patience, everything you need to know about electrical from pipe heating/bending, wiring sockets and ceiling fans to so much more.  Honestly during my middle school years I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life, but when I found out CCA had an electrical program and then I was accepted to the school it gave me a sense of direction and hope.  Now I am 19 years old, I work full time for an electrical company in San Antonio, Texas and because of the leadership tools I learned in CCA I am given the opportunity at work to assist with managing job sites.  Yes, being in CCA I learned my electrical trade but I also learned so much more, from responsibility, patience, attention to detail, life skills, accountability, and leadership.  Thank you CCA staff and peers for all you do!  This was one of the best decisions of my life honestly, I don’t know where I would be without all the support from Construction Careers Academy (CCA). 

Cameron Garcia, C/O 2018

CCA, just saying those 3 letters means a whole lot to me.  I remember my first day of high school as a freshman.  I was scared, didn’t know anyone, but what changed that was walking in the CCA building and just feeling welcomed by all the staff.  The staff at CCA is completely different from any other school because they will do whatever it takes to bring out the best in you and when being in CCA you learn more than just responsibility and you’re more than just a student here.  Being in CCA showed me what I can do and what I can become.  You’re just not building a house your building a family.

Ryan Castaneda, C/O; 2018

Being accepted into Construction Careers Academy was one of the most exciting experiences in my life. I can remember being in the eighth grade and the only thing I wanted was to go to CCA. Now I am a senior who is grateful for everything I have been taught and feel that it is because of CCA that I am ready for the next step in my life.  

Alexander Ragland, C/O;  2018

Ever since I was a little kid playing with Lincoln Logs and Legos, I wanted to pursue a career in construction. Specifically a career in Architecture. I remember my 8th grade year being in one of the class rooms listening to all of the numerous magnet school presentations. None of them really grabbed my interest. Until CCA presented. I was instantly hooked and knew where I wanted to spend my four years. I didn't care about leaving all of my friends.  I knew I could find time to see them. I cared about not passing up the greatest opportunity a kid my age could receive. Of course I was nervous but as soon as I started I felt like I was a part of a huge family. This school has helped me with tons of things that benefited my success. It helped me get accepted to my dream school Texas Tech University. I felt so ahead when I went up for a tour because I was already learning some of the material the freshman in college were being taught. Not only did I feel ahead amongst kids in college but I felt ahead of my fellow peers. CCA has really been a blessing but I give most of the credit to the amazing staff. Like I said, you spend four years with them and they’re basically your family. It truly is an experience a regular high school couldn't offer. Coming to CCA will never be something I regret. I hope whoever gets the opportunity to come to this school takes full advantage of their resources.  I know I did.  ​

Chris Beasley, C/O; 2018

At first I did not think it would be possible to be successful as a girl in a school whose focus is in construction and is made up of a majority of guys. But, now, as I am in my third year I have learned to speak up and stand my ground against those who believe guys are better than girls. This academy, this place, it has become my home. The school has a small class and you are assigned to have one teacher for the strand you choose to be a part of. You get to grow as a person and establish close relationships with whichever teacher you get, The entire staff here is helpful and willing to listen to anything you have to say. CCA has shown me that if you put in enough effort, that you will reap any and all benefits it has to offer (no matter how cliché that sounds). Construction Careers Academy is the best and most unique high school you could ever attend.

Melissa Teran, Engineer, Class of 2018

Coming to Construction Careers was one of the best decisions I ever made.  This school has given me real world skills in construction, but also in life.  It has a great close-knit atmosphere that has allowed me to have somewhere to belong, as it can be overwhelming the large number of people in high school.  I’m not going to lie, when I first came here I felt like an outsider, I knew nothing about carpentry and looked nothing like someone who would be interested in it.  I love to sew and crochet, plus I look like it too.  I love to make things with my hands, that’s why I came here.  Being a girl in Construction you do have to prove yourself, or at least I did, and that takes time.  But no matter what, if you have a strong work ethic and are willing to learn, any girl can thrive at CCA just as well as the guys.  It took hard work, and a lot of stepping out of my comfort zone, but it was so worth it in the end.  To finish a project and be able to say “I built that” is a really amazing feeling.  All of my teachers have been super supportive and encouraging, and I look forward to class every day.  If you are a girl, don’t let this school turn you away, you can do it.  Yes, you will get weird looks when you tell people you go to a school for construction, but just show them some pictures of our tiny houses and you will blow them away. 

Samantha Dvorak, Construction Management, Class of 2018

“Construction Careers Academy has given me a tremendous amount of freedom and opportunities to pursue knowledge and experience far beyond that of a typical high school. Challenged me to explore my interests in great depth. Played the role of a mediator between the students and employers, CCA facilitates the search for internships and ensures future employability. CCA stays true to their mission and truly excels at what they do.”

John Michael Lim, Electrical & HVAC, Class of 2018

"My time here in Construction Careers Academy has given me the edge that I needed in college to get ahead of the game. These individuals here have given me the strength and experience that I needed to truly excel in the field that I have chosen. These instructors have allowed me to be confident in my choices. They have given me the chance to believe in myself and the others around me to create beautiful pieces of art. These individuals have become a second family to me. They are the people who pushed me to be the greatest person that I could become. They changed my life. Thank you CCA for everything!"

Emily Benton, Architect and Design, Class of 2017

Hi my name is Luis De Los Santos lead Construction Manager and Carpenter for the wolverine. The very first time I heard about CCA I knew that this program was something that I wanted to do because of my prior construction knowledge. Having the opportunity to experience this wonderful program was great. Construction Careers Academy is not just another school is the school to attend if you have a passion for construction. Construction is one of the greatest industries to go into the career opportunities are infinite. There are many different fields that you can go into and be successful. CCA is one of the main contributors to your success in the construction filed. Construction Careers Academy is one of the most qualified programs in Northside district; it prepares its students to go out in the construction field and make a name for themselves. CCA gives its students life skills that will benefit the students in the future. I am very grateful for all the wonderful experience that CCA has given me.  I feel that CCA has prepared me for life and also for the construction career that I want to pursue in the future. Without CCA I would have never accomplished all the things that have accomplished now. CCA gives its students that head start in the construction field that most of the other students don’t.

Luis De Los Santos, Class of 2016   

CCA gave me some direction.  Going into high school I wasn't really sure what kind of engineer I wanted to be or even what I wanted to do as a career.  After my freshman and sophomore years there I realized the value of hands on work and experience.  So when it came time to pick a strand I chose based on some advice given to me by one of my teachers.  My final two years of high school specifically the electrical trades strand prepared me for the working world and gave me a competitive edge in school also.  Because of this I have a job right now helping me pay for college.  I am very thankful for the opportunity granted to me and beleive it was one of my best decisions going here for high school.  

Shiloh Pennock, Class of 2016

"Given the chance to attend this magnet school, has prepared me for my future goal to have my own interior design company.  Many opportunities have been presented to me because we are the only school like this in the nation.  That being said, this program is more than I ever imagined it would be.  As a freshman, I knew nothing about construction or the tools, all that I had was a mind that loved to design.  Throughout the last three years the instructors have taught me how to build my designs whether on paper or with wood.  Starting my last year here I am now certified for safety procedures such as OSHA and NCCER and much more.  How has Construction Careers changed my life?  Easy, the instructors here have set me on the path needed in order to live my dream.  This has been done in more than one way, with a staff that has made a huge difference in my life by wanting to be here.  The instructors don't just teach they are engaged in each class evdery day; they give 110% no matter what happens.  Do you have any problems with school or college?  Don't worry because they waste no time working to help fix it.  Thank you CCA for transforming me into someone I never thought I could be...."  

Kiara Williams, Class of 2016

"Both staff members and the teachers at Construction Careers Academy ensure that every student is getting the knowledge necessary to be successful in their field of study, and it was an amazing experience learning from people that really understood the construction trades."

Jorge Espinoza, C/O 2016

The best choice I’ve made so far in my young life would be attending Construction Careers Academy. I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I never came across this institution. Nothing seemed to grab my attention enough to where I’d want to make a career out of it until we created amazing things in the shop. The opportunities are endless because of the experience you leave with. These instructors and administrators truly do care about you and do their best to pass on their knowledge and even life experience to you. CCA has prepared me for many things from what it is really like out on a jobsite to just presenting yourself professionally. Thank you CCA for showing me what I really do want to do with the rest of my life.

Ismael Campa, Class of 2015

"Hello, my name is Elisabeth Diaz.  I am a senior at Construction Careers Academy in the Construction Management strand.  CCA is one of the best decisions I've made because it has taught me so much more than I thought I would learn and its super fun!  I love that the teachers are willing to go to any lengths to ensure your success.  Although I may be biased I feel that CCA is the most helpful magnet school with reaching success for their students.  Besides CCA I am also a four year member and Corps Commander of Warren's AFJROTC program and a member of Warriors for Christ student fellowship.  I cannot be more thankful to the staff of CCA because I know that anything I may accomplish in life is because of their help and God's grace."  

Elisabeth Diaz, Class of 2015

“When I first heard of Construction Careers Academy I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. I had never expected that I would fall completely in love with the school. The teachers at CCA take you under their wing and make it their priority to give you the best education reflecting the real world of construction. Every teacher there wants you to succeed not only in the program but also in life. They will bend over backwards to make your dreams become reality. The program that CCA developed honestly turned me into the independent and confident person that I am today. If it wasn’t for CCA I wouldn’t be attending Texas A&M University and be in one of the best construction programs in the nation. If you want to have an amazing high school experience, build amazing projects, be a part of history, or be part of the big CCA family than this school is definitely for you.”

Nadine Mireles, Class of  2014

 “My experience at Construction Careers Academy taught me that life is about learning and experiencing things unfamiliar to ourselves, whether it’s picking up a hammer for the first time or perhaps using a drill. Firsthand experience and learning is a motto of CCA………it is already known to be a prestigious institution. Having the privilege to say I have been a part of this program is something of self-pride for myself, mainly because I received training and skills no one on this whole campus has and went to the only high school in the nation for the graduating class of 2014 to have built 5 homes and sold them.”  Download Full Testimonial Here!

Micah Hatchett, C/O:2014

"What I loved the most about CCA is the fact that they provide you with everything you really need to succeed and even become a better thinker.  …CCA changes students and transforms them into individuals who know how to work in teams and accomplish whatever they set their mind to.  Attending CCA from 2010-2014 really helped prepare me for college because it demonstrated to me what 'learn by doing' is all about. Everyday was a new hands on learning experience and this taught me that to really understand something, especially in engineering, you have to do it yourself! Fast forward to 2018 and I am proud to say that I will be graduating from UTSA with a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a full time employment opportunity with one of the largest and most financially valuable companies in the world, all made possible by the technical skill set I developed at CCA."   Download Full Testimonial Here!

Alfredo Avila, Class 0f 2014 

"After coming to Construction Careers Academy there were many doors that have opened up for me and my piers.  During my senior year there were companies willing to hire us senior students for their company.  I highly recommend students to come to CCA, not only for the experience but also because of the job opportunities that are given to students. 

Xavier Lujano, Class of 2014

My experience with Construction Careers Academy was one that I will never forget. Since I had recently moved from another state, I did not know what to do as soon as I arrived to San Antonio, Texas. I liked Warren High School, so I decided to enroll in CCA since it was a magnet school.   After my freshman year, I had learned so much more about construction than I ever thought I would....Download Full Testimonial Here!

Francisco Ortega, Class of 2014

"CCA was what gave me the idea of studying petroleum engineering.  Thanks to CCA I have more experience in the field than any of my friends in college.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to go into the construction field."

Elizer Martinez, Class of 2013
Texas A&M Student

"Being a part of the first graduating class of CCA was one of the biggest honors and learning experiences of my life, and I am extremely lucky to have attended a magnet school that has gotten me so prepared for this next station in my life. By taking advantage of the opportunities that CCA provided me with in High School, I am able to excel in my classes here in college as the material comes very naturally to me.  I could never express what the influence of CCA’s experienced faculty has given me, as their support and encouragement was always unconditional; Because of their valuable instruction and the familial setting of CCA, I left high school as a more confident and determined individual, ready for life and its obstacles.  CCA has given me an advantage not only in my career field, but also in my life, allowing me to grow and realize my love for this industry."

Amanda Rhinehart, Class of 2013 
Construction Science Major, Texas A&M

"My name is Javier Velasquez and I am a Construction Careers Academy graduate, currently I am attending St. Phillips College to obtain my Associates Degree in construction business management.  All  four years of high school I learned a lot of things from CCA that now I am in college have helped me a lot.  I learned things in CCA that in college they're barely starting to teach -- it is such a big advantage to have such a greater knowledge in class.  I am NCCER certified, something that is new to St. Phillips construction program.  I am 12 credit hours advanced in my class.  I would like to thank all of the CCA staff for their effort --  it pays off in the long run.

Javier Velasquez, Class of 2013

CCA has provided me with the essentials to pursue a career in the construction field.  The background knowledge on tools and safety gives me the upper hand over the other applicants that have little to no training in OSHA and NCCER.  The teachers and administrators made it a fun and a comfortable experience.  The structure and knwledge gives me a better understanding of how to either fix or innovate.  Learning about what each strand doees gives us a better understanding of why each strand is needed.  I am now an intern for Walt Disney Co. hoping to become an imagineer. 

Jonathan Torres, Class of 2013