NEF Grant Winners

Representatives for the Northside Education Foundation and Apple Annie arrived at Carnahan Elementary to award NEF Grants to the following staff members: 

  • Cici Osonma was awarded a Team Grant for the amount of $5696.  The money will be used towards the Carnahan Parent Center and will be used to purchase purchase laptops and math/reading programs designed to help parents to support their child’s education.  It will also be used to purchase parent workshops that will train parents on how to read with their children at home.
  • Kent Page was awarded an Innovation Grant $999.  The money will be used to fund the project called Planting SEEDS (Students Engaged in Environmental Documentation Studies.)  It is for the materials to collaboratively build a school garden with students, their families, and Carnahan teachers in the courtyard between the 1st and 2nd grade wings of the school on the west side of the campus. The money will mostly pay for the raised bed garden, soil, and seeds.