I am Purchasing Strong


...that we received the National Procurement Institute's Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award for three years running

...that we provide superior customer support to internal/external customers.

...that we are an integral part of maintaining the good reputation of Northside ISD

...that we establish and maintain excellent relationships with the District's vendor base

...that we are a primary part of ensuring that the District receives best value for its  purchases

...because we provide superior support to campus and department personnel in making the best purchases available.

...that we provide manpower and materials to support campus/Dept events and activities

...because we provide dedicated procurement support for the Maintenance and Child Nutrition operations

...because the warehouse supports all Campus & Department missions

...because we have consistently received an unqualified opinion from external auditors.

...that we track the disposition of over 160,000 assets

...oversee and support deployment of furniture & equipment at all new campuses, classroom additions and new support facilities.

....because in the Purchasing Warehouse, "We deliver education."