Bond 2001: Earned Interest

Bond funds are invested prior to their disbursal for work completed. The interest earned is used as a contingency for inflation or other unanticipated cost increases.

Such earned interest may also be used for capital improvements not addressed by the bond program. The table below shows actual and projected uses of interest earned during the 2004, 2001 and 1998 Bond Programs.




Allowance / Contingency $11,191  
Auditorium seats at Clark & Jay $225,967 Complete
Bond Issuance Costs $1,199,759 100% Expended
Bond Management Costs $4,152,746 100% Expended
Food Service Warehouse Renovation $614,055 Construction
Grissom Road Annex (Student Services) $963,193 Complete
Maintenance Shop Expansion $50,661 Project Delayed
North Transportation Satellite $1,586,372 Complete
Provide Marshall Soccer Field $69,277 Complete
South Transportation $238,584 Complete
Support Service Center $4,668,282 Complete
Transportation - Culebra Station $1,787,799 Complete
Total: $15,567,886