Elementary Bilingual and ESL Programs


Bilingual Transitional Academic Program

The academic program model teaches the state required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The research-based program uses the child’s primary language for instruction as he or she learns the second language (English) and achieves academic success.

ESL Program

Goal for the ESL Program - It is Northside’s goal that all students who are in the ESL Program will be successful in the all-English curriculum within seven years.

Dual Language Program

NISD offers a Dual Lanaguage Immersion Program to students at the following campuses – Shirley J. Howsman, Monroe May, J.B. Passmore,Eduardo Villarreal, Gregorio Esparza and Carl Wanke.  This model is gaining recognition for its positive results in bilingual education, and students are showing early success.  Parents are asked for a six-year commitment to the program. Dual Language is also offered at the following Secondary Middle Schools - Katherine Stinson and Sul Ross.


Partial development funding of the NISD One World, Two Languages - Building Bilingual Communities programs has been provided by Title VII and Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grants.