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ATC - Annemarie Tennis Center
7001 Culebra Rd. ♦ San Antonio, TX  78238
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NTC - Northside ISD Tennis Center
12045 Leslie Rd. 
♦ Helotes, TX  78023
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The Northside Tennis Program serves twelve High School programs, twenty-one middle school programs and offers an after school academy, adult clinics and leagues, community classes, tournaments and more at the Annemarie Tennis Center and the Northside Tennis Center.  At each center there are 18 lighted courts, 6 QuickStart courts, 2 backboards and a pro shop.  The courts are accessible to the public for play until 10:00 PM, 7 days a week, except when events are scheduled. 

The tennis coaches at the high schools and middle schools provide instruction and guidance to all students of varying abilities to learn and play tennis and represent their school in competition.  The high school programs consist of two seasons, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The fall is the team season and the spring is the individual season.  At the conclusion of each season is the district tournament to determine who will advance to the next round of the playoffs.  The middle school programs consist of one season which is played in the spring with a team and individual tournament to conclude the season.

Throughout the year we offer an afterschool and summer academy to kids’ ages 5-18.   The academy is tailored to incorporate the technical, tactical, physical & mental/emotional components of the game.  We implement various basket feeding and live ball drills, situational match play and strength and conditioning exercises. 

The staff is here to provide you with quality service.  Our main goal is to grow the game of tennis through our programs and relationships that are created. 

2021 - 2022 Tournaments


NISD Team Tennis District Tournament
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2021 NISD Silver Invitational Final Results