Purpose of Northside Athletics

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Purpose of Northside Athletics

The Northside Independent School District Athletic Program plays an integral part in student learning and the development of well rounded students. The purpose of our athletic program is to promote high academic standards along with developing strong character. Our coaches are committed to developing our young men and women to be the best possible student, athlete, and citizen they can possibly become through the spirit of competition. Coaches will motivate our student-athletes to always put forth their best effort in the development of their character, talents, and academic success.

We are extremely proud of our Northside student-athletes because of the poise, character, and self discipline they exhibit during competitions. They exemplify what it means to be a well rounded student in Northside. We encourage you to show your support by finding a game near you on our Athletic Website. Enjoy the seasons!

Northside Athletics Success Defined

Success in Northside Athletics will be defined as student-athletes exhibiting maximun effort through their actions and attitude in the classroom and competition.

This success will be measured through the growth of each student-athlete in the area of their athletic ability, academic ability and their ability to exhibit positive character traits at all times, especially when overcoming adversity.

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