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Brandeis - Head Trainer

Dennis Brown

Athletic Training

Brandeis - Assistant Trainer

Kirsten Anderson


Brennan - Head Trainer

Trevor Carter

Sports Medicine

Brennan - Assistant Trainer

Shelby Witschen


Clark - Head Trainer

Tara Stone

Sports Medicine

Clark - Assistant Trainer

John Carollo


Harlan - Head Trainer

Scott Lawrence

Sports Medicine

Harlan - Assistant Trainer



Holmes - Head Trainer

Kristy Garza

Athletic Training

Holmes - Assistant Trainer


Jay - Head Trainer

Geoff Gowens

Athletic Training

Jay - Assistant Trainer

Sarah Gerken

Marshall - Head Trainer

Jay Young

Sports Medicine

Marshall - Assistant Trainer

Ashlee Anderjeski


O'Connor - Head Trainer

Domingo Sifuentes

Athletic Training

O'Connor - Assistant Trainer

Kali Utsey


Stevens - Head Trainer

Tim Kloewer

Sports Medicine

Stevens - Assistant Trainer

Sheena Forero


Taft - Head Trainer

Vanessa Reyes

Athletic Training

Taft - Assistant Trainer

Chassity Gomez


Warren - Head Trainer

Leah Melonas

Athletic Training

Warren - Assistant Trainer

Allison Davila



Kelli Brock



Nico DeLaO


Athletic Trainers Coordinator

Paul "P.D." Rost


Concussion Oversight Team



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