Athletic Department


Stan Laing

Stan Laing - 397.7509
Executive Director
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Mike Carew - 397.7552
Assistant Director
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Kevin Hamilton

Kevin Hamilton - 397.7553
Assistant Director
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Kirby Jameson - 397.7555
Assistant Director
e-mail Kirby

Hector Rodriguez - 397.7554
Assistant Director - Facilities
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Scott Zolinski - 397.7500
Assistant Director - Aquatics
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Athletics Department - Staff


Jay Govan-398.1804
NISD Tennis Coordinator 
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Dick Logan-397.7590
NISD Golf Coordinator
e-mail Dick

Larry Pullin-397.7537
Warehouse Coordinator 
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P.D. Rost-397.7537
Athletic Trainers Coordinator
e-mail P.D.

Tony Plummer-397.7520
NISD Swimming Coordinator
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Shelley Belden-397.7508
Secretary to the Executive Director
e-mail Shelley

Teresita Gonzalez-397.7535
Head Bookkeeper
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Krista Smith-397.7521 
e-mail Krista


Naomi Moncada-397.7509
Reception / Events 
e-mail Naomi

Rosie Martinez-397.8996 
Aquatics Bookkeeper
e-mail Rosie

Karen Woller-397.7515
Webmaster - Technologist
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Coaching Staff 16-17
Photos courtesy of Morgan Photography

Coaching Staff 15-16
Photos courtesy of Morgan Photography

Coaching Staff 14-15
Photos courtesy of Morgan Photography

Coaching Staff 13-14


Facilities and Grounds Keepers





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