Mission Statement

Jerry D. Allen Mission Statement

"We want our children to have ROOTS - the academic foundation, self-concept, and positive attitudes on which success in school depends."

"We want our children to have WINGS - the thinking skills, creativity, flexibility, enthusiasm and broad world view to soar beyond the commonplace."

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About our students

Lackland City is a Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Elementary school on the west side of Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas.

We are a School Wide Title One School with a student enrollment of approximately 600 children, 94% of which are economically disadvantaged. Our ethnicity breakdown is 92% Hispanic, 3 % African American, and 5% Caucasian.

We are proud to say that we are a "90-90-90 school", meaning 90 percent of our students are minorities, 90 percent of our students are classified as economically disadvantaged, and passing rates on standardized tests are 90 percent or higher.

Mascot & Colors

Allen Elementary's mascot is the Eagle. Our colors are purple and teal.