Friendly Reminders

School begins at 7:45 am, students must be in the classroom at that time or they will be counted tardy.

Cafeteria will serve breakfast from 7:00 am-7:35 am. Students who are in the cafeteria at 7:45 am will be considered tardy.

Traffic continues to be a concern for most. I ask for those who use parking Lot B (3-5) to make a right turn in the afternoon to avoid the parking lot backing up.

I also ask, if you use the drive in parking Lot A (K-2), please do not leave your vehicle while lining up in the drive. If you need to get out of your vehicle, please park in parking Lot A or Lot B. This will help with the flow of traffic.

Please do not drop students off in parking Lot A and and have them walk through the cross walk. This is a safety concern.