Red Ribbon Week-Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Next week is Red Ribbon Week and we will be recognizing it daily. Red Ribbon Week was inspired by the life and Work of Drug Enforcement Agency  special agent Enrique ”Kiki” Camarena. His mother tried to talk him out of joining the DEA. ”I can’t do this,” he told her. ”I’m only one person, but I want to make a difference”.  

In 1985,while working under cover in Mexico, he was kidnapped by drug traffickers who took his life. Responding to this tragedy, the citizens of his hometown of Calexico, California began wearing red ribbons. In 1988,Congress officially proclaimed the last week of October as Red Ribbon Week. Now over 100,000 schools and other organizations across the U.S. will use this time to spread the important message about living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

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