Red Ribbon Week


 In conjunction with Red Ribbon Week, our school will also celebrate Character Counts Week.  A person who has strong character is a person who is trustworthy, responsible, respectful, fair, caring and 
is a good citizen.  Students at Monroe May Elementary will exercise strong character by saying no to illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, and promise to resolve conflict peacefully.  To celebrate Red 
Ribbon and Character Counts week, the following activities are planned: 
Monday: Responsibility/ Wear Red Day  Responsible people always do what they say they will do, have self-control,  and self-discipline.  Monroe May Roadrunners pledge to be drug free! Wear red today.  Your child will receive a dog tag today.  Please encourage  them to wear their dog tags all week.  
Tuesday: Respect/ Hats Off for Staying Drug Free Respectful people are polite, courteous, and treat others they way they would like to be treated.   We will show the world that we respect ourselves enough to say no to drugs. Wear your favorite hat/cap today. 
Wednesday: Fairness/ Team Up Against Drugs  Be part of the “Fair Dream Team” and “Stay In the Game, Be Drug Free!”   Fairness is playing by the rules.  Monroe May students will team up against  
drugs.  Wear your favorite team attire to show that you will, “Stay in the  Game, Be Drug Free!”   
Thursday:  Caring/ Say BOOO to Drugs Caring people think about the feelings of others, show acts of kindness, and share a  friendly smile.  Care enough about yourself to always say NO to drugs!  You can  
wear orange, black, or your favorite Halloween shirt with jeans today.
Friday: Trustworthiness/ Say No to drugs  Trustworthy people always tell the truth, never cheat, and never steal.   Monroe May Roadrunners are responsible and trustworthy students.  Wear  
your school spirit shirt and help say, “I’m A Roadrunner and I will Stay  Drug Free for Life”.