Substitute employees

Substitute Office is located at 5617 Grissom Road, San Antonio 78238

Northside has resumed processing of applicants for substitute employee positions. Please refer to the instructions on the right side of this page. You can also access the necessary employment documents required for your processing appointment on the links to the right.


Thank you for your interest in one of the most difficult jobs in education--substitute teaching. Very often, children will rely on the skills and abilities of substitute teachers for over one full year of instruction between kindergarten and twelfth grade. NISD recognizes the contributions made by its substitute teachers and supports their efforts toward maintaining continuity of instruction in the absence of the full time teachers.The purpose of this web site is to provide information and resources that will better enable the substitute teacher to reach this goal.

  • The application must be completed online.
  • Please follow the instructions that are on the Substitute application.
  • Application paperwork will only be accepted during the times and on the dates listed in the instructions.

Northside provides FREE training and support for its substitute employees, beginning with its convenient and informative on-line Orientation. The Orientation is required for all persons who are new to Northside.

Prior to making the decision to become a substitute employee, you are encouraged to read the following FAQ’s—frequently asked questions. They should answer most of the questions you might have about the wonderful world of substitute teaching and also convince you that Northside is the District in which you want to do your substitute teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-hire questions
  1. Why would someone want to be a substitute teacher?
  2. Where can I find the information on qualifications, salary, and application procedures for substitute employment?
  3. What are the steps in becoming a substitute teacher?
  4. Why do I have to attend an "Orientation" session?
  5. What is the difference between substitute teachers and para-professional substitutes?
  6. What is expected of substitute teachers?
  7. What grade levels or subjects can I teach as a substitute?
  8. Do substitutes have to teach at all the District schools?
  9. Can I substitute in bilingual classrooms if I speak a little Spanish? 
  10. What is special education? Will I be able to substitute in classes with "special needs" children?
  11. If I decide that I want to work with students with special needs, will I receive any training before starting? 
  12. Am I paid more for working in a special education classroom? 
  13. Will the substitute teachers be treated with respect? Can they expect any support from the school staff?
  14. Where can I get additional information on becoming a full time, certified teacher?
  15. Can retired employees be hired as substitutes? If so, are there any restrictions I should be aware of?
Post-hire questions
  1. After I substitute for a while, can I change the campuses and subjects taught?
  2. I am having trouble with the SmartFind Express System. What do I do?
  3. What should substitute teachers do if they have to cancel a job they have already accepted?
  4. Substitutes must be evaluated the first three times they accept jobs in the District. Are the completed evaluations available to the substitute?
  5. Since one of the basic assumptions schools have for substitute teachers is that they will follow the teachers' lesson plans, what do subs do if the teacher has left no lesson plans for the substitute?
  6. Are there other sources of information on lesson plans I can use in preparing for a particular substitute teaching assignment?
  7. How do substitutes prepare for the beginning of the day and what do they do when the students arrive in the classroom?
  8. When substitute teachers have difficulty carrying out their duties, whether because of poor lesson plans or severe discipline problems, to whom can they turn for help?
  9. Should substitutes allow students to visit the school nurse every time they ask to do so? What if they are faking an illness to get out of class?
  10. What about restroom passes? Should substitutes let students go to the restroom every time they say they need to?
  11. How are substitute teachers expected to handle discipline problems in the classroom?
  12. What do I do at the end of the day? Who dismisses the students?  
  13. I didn't sign up to substitute in a special education classroom. Why are there special education students in the regular classrooms?
  14. What is the legal liability of substitute teachers?
  15. Can substitute teachers share their religious beliefs with students in the classroom?
  16. How do I continue working as a substitute from year to year?
  17. Where can I get additional information on becoming a full time, certified teacher?
  18. Who do I contact for information about my paycheck?