Northside ISD offers a wide array of jobs to choose from, depending on one’s education, certification, background, and experience. All full and half-time employees are eligible for full benefits. Temporary, seasonal, and substitute employees receive a competitive salary, but do not qualify for a benefits package. Before applying, be sure to review the legal issues in hiring at Northside. Also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on this page.

  • Administrators / Teachers

    The general postings for teachers and administrators may be viewed on the Professional Jobs website.

  • Other professionals

    Such as:

    • Nurses
    • Counselors
    • Librarians
    • School psychologists
    • Accountants
    • Engineers
    • Department supervisors
    • Computer systems analysts
    • Programmers
  • Auxiliary

    Such as:

    • Maintenance Workers and Foremen
    • Custodial Services
    • Child Nutrition Workers
    • Police
    • Transportation—Drivers and Assistants
    • Warehouse
    • Aquatics
  • Classified

    Such as:

    • Instructional Assistants
    • Secretaries, Bookkeepers, Clerks
    • Computer Technicians
  • Substitutes

  • Part-time Seasonal/Temporary

    • Youth Leaders/After School programs
    • Student Testing (bilingual or gifted/talented)
    • Tutors (including AVID program)
    • Private Music Instructors
  • Internships / Alternative certification applicants

    Many of these positions require a degree and certification/licensure, but a few specific professional positions may not require such credentials. Positions include: Teachers, Campus Administrators, Social Workers, Administrative Support (Business, Technology, Directors, etc.)

    All posted positions require an application on file and a resume.

    If a position is no longer listed on the website, it may have been filled, placed on hold, or is no longer available. The list of current positions is updated daily.

    NOTE: Northside will consider for hire persons who successfully complete program requirements in alternative certification programs (ACP) ONLY in the following areas: Special Education, Bilingual Education, Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education. Click here for hiring guidelines for ACP candidates.