Stinson Middle School
Stinson Middle School
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Parent Survey

Parents, every year we give you an opportunity to give us feedback on how you feel about the climate and culture at Stinson Middle School.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.  Your input gives us valuable data about what you feel we are doing well and what we need to improve.   The survey will be open for responses until March 31st.  

Your responses are anonymous.

Click here to begin Survey


Email accounts

Guardians are required to have an email account to register their student and to access their students' grades on Home Access Center (HAC).

Don't have an email account ? 

Go to

Click Create account.


Link to Principal's Newsletter updated 1/28

Link to Counselors Newsletter

Link to PTA Newsletter

Link to Monthly Library Newsletter

 Home Access Center (HAC)

To request a HAC account or report a problem, complete this online form and a technician will contact you via email or phone within two business days.

 Your username is your email​ address​ and your password ​is ​the temporary password​ you received by email. You will be required to change it ​the ​first time​ you log in. For directions on changing your password and how to set ​alerts within ​HAC, consult the Home Access Center Quick Start Guide.

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