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Course Registration Information for 2019-20

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, O'Connor 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will be taking part in our campus course advising day where their current teachers will be providing information and advising regarding course selections for next school year.  Current 8th graders slated to attend O'Connor next year have completed course cards at their middle schools after visits from O'Connor Counselors and will have the opportunity to make changes over the next few weeks.  To assist in selecting courses, all current O'Connor students, 8th graders and Ag transfers slated for O'Connor, and parents are invited to the O'Connor Endorsement & Elective Night Monday, Feb. 11 beginning at 7 p.m. to learn about all of the courses and programs offered at OHS.  Teachers, coaches, and directors from every subject area and department along with counselors and administrators will be available to provide information and answer questions.  8th Graders and their parents should plan to start in the auditorium at 7 p.m. for a brief presentation about Graduation requirements and Endorsements before moving to the Elective Fair.  Current O'Connor students and parents can proceed directly to the Elective Fair in the Cafeteria and Gym unless they want to hear more about Endorsements and the course selection process.    

On Feb. 19-21, 9th graders will meet with counselors in small groups for additional advising about creating their individual graduation plan and registering for courses.  10th Graders will do the same on Feb. 25-27.  11th Graders will meet with their counselors and register for courses Feb. 28-Mar. 4.  You can view a copy of the O'Connor Course Planning Guide and Endorsement Strands below.  To access the O'Connor High School Course Catalog click here. After Spring Break, students will be mailed a copy of the courses they select during online registration, they will review their selections with their current teachers Mar. 22, and they will have until April 15 to make any changes.  

Course Selection Timeline

9th Grade Course Planning Guide

10th-12th Grade Course Planning Guide

Graduation Plan Endorsement Strands

Course Showcase Elective Night for 8th-11th Graders & Parents

Registration Events for Future 9th Graders


Dual Credit Application Deadline is Feb. 8

The application deadline for O'Connor students interested in taking Dual Credit courses next year is Feb. 8.  Interested students must complete the Apply Texas application before they can register for the course or courses at O'Connor.  Students must also complete the Online Dual Credit Course Selection and submit the Parent Consent Form, all prior to Feb. 8.  Click on the link labeled Dual Credit Manual & Forms on the right under Panther Alerts for step by step instructions.  Additionally students can stop by B102 in the Library and see Mrs. Ellis for copies of the handouts or for registration assistance.  Parents with questions can contact Kendall Ellis, the Student Success Advisor, at 397-4800, ext. 3102 or by email.  Once students complete the application process, signing up and taking the TSI qualifying test needs to be the next priority.  TSI Test dates at O'Connor are Jan. 26, Feb. 18, Mar. 2, and Mar. 23.  This is done through Ms. Ellis as well.  Dual Credit classes along with Advanced Placement and On-Ramps are valuable ways students can earn college credit while in high school and save hundreds of dollars once they graduate.

Extended Attendance Recovery Opportunities Available Jan. 14-18

Edited 1/10/19 - We've extended the opportunities for students to make up excessive absences during exam week next week.  Students with more than 9 absences will be denied credit, even for classes they pass, if they don't attend attendance recovery.  Check HAC for attendance totals and use this flyer for the most up to date times and information: Attendance Recovery Schedule.

The Texas Education Code requires that all school-aged children attend school daily through the age of 19, so daily attendance is the law.  But beyond the law, we want our O'Connor students here every day because great things are happening in classrooms throughout the campus!  A missed school day is a missed opportunity for our students to learn, and when students are absent student achievement falls.  Absenteeism and falling student achievement can put students at a disadvantage for college and career readiness and even on-time high school graduation.  If a student is absent without a valid excuse 3 or more days or parts of days within a 4 week period an attendance warning notice is issued, and if absences continue, the student and/or parent can be subject to legal action.

Additionally, students who miss excessive amounts of days may be in jeopardy for losing credit for a course in which they are enrolled, no matter the grade they earn.  To earn credit for a course, students must be in attendance for 90 percent of the days the class is offered, so students who miss more than 9 days in a semester course or more than 18 in a course offered for the full year will not be awarded credit even if they earn a passing grade.  Students who exceed 9 days in a semester or 18 for the year in a course must attend Attendance Recovery.  Click Here for a flyer with more information about attendance recovery during exam week.

It's equally important for students to show up on time every day and not be tardy to classes throughout the school day.  Even just missing the first five minutes of a class due to tardiness can cause a student to miss learning opportunities and fall behind.  Students who are are tardy multiple times within a grading period will have parents called and will have to serve lunch or after school detention.

Absences and tardies can be tracked in HAC.  Parents, if your student has an attendance problem and has exceeded the allowed number of absences for credit or has a health issue we need to know about, contact clerk Laura Kilgore at 210-397-4822 or assistant principal Cynthia Barrett at 210-397-4819.  If your son or daughter is chronically tardy and you you have questions about detention, contact assistant principal Thomas Johnson at 210-397-4818.

Please help us by making sure you son or daughter is here every day and encourage them to be on time to every class.  Working together, let's make student attendance a priority! - Mrs. Horras

Semester Exams Jan. 15-18

Students at OHS will take semester exams Tuesday, Jan. 15 through Friday, Jan. 18.  For a detailed schedule with times of exams and classes that week, click the link "Semester Exam Schedule" on the right under Panther Alerts.  Thursday, and Friday will also be early release days for students once they have completed their morning exams.  The dismissal bell will ring at 12:50 p.m. and a sack lunch will be available from 12:50-1:15 p.m. for student purchase.  Buses will run at 1:15 p.m. each early release day.  Please know that students should be in class for each class period during semester exams as there are no exam exemptions for the first semester.  Students may leave campus early during their lunch/exam time with an off campus lunch sticker or with a pass obtained with parent permission. To obtain the pass, students must bring a parent note granting permission to the Attendance Office before school between Jan. 14 and the day the student wants to leave.  Passes will be issued before school only.  First Semester report cards will be issued to all students on Friday, Jan. 25.  Additionally Monday, Jan. 21 is a student and staff holiday.

Ag Program Transfer Applications Accepted Until Jan. 11

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