Northside Strong
Northside STRONG!
John Marshall High School New Beginnings
John Marshall High School New Beginnings
We Bleed MAROON!
We Bleed MAROON!
John Marshall High School New Beginnings
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Pre-AP Chemistry 2018-2019 Information

Dear Pre-AP Chemistry Student:  

Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of Pre-AP Chemistry!  The objective of this assignment is to allow you to review 6th grade concepts (believe it or not you learned this stuff already!!) Use this to prepare for and strengthen your skills for the upcoming school year.  The information presented here represents a starting point for Pre-AP Chemistry students. Once again, it is based off of what was taught to you in middle school.... [read more]

2018 Summer Re-Testing and Accelerated Instruction June 13-June 29, 2018

Dear Marshall Parents and Students,

According to the Texas Education Agency, a student who fails to perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument specified under the TEC, §28.0211, commonly referred to as the STAAR End of Course Exams shall be provided accelerated instruction before the next administration of the applicable assessment as specified by the TEC, §28.0211.The purpose of Accelerated Instruction is to provide students an intensive review of material needed to pass the STAAR exam.... [read more]

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