Northside Strong
Northside STRONG!
John Marshall High School New Beginnings
John Marshall High School New Beginnings
We Bleed MAROON!
We Bleed MAROON!
John Marshall High School New Beginnings
Marshall Courtyard



Summer 2019 Accelerated Instruction and STAAR Re-Testing

Dear Marshall Parents and Students,

According to the Texas Education Agency, a student who fails to perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument specified under the TEC, §28.0211, commonly referred to as the STAAR End of Course Exams shall be provided accelerated instruction before the next administration of the applicable assessment as specified by the TEC, §28.0211.The purpose of Accelerated Instruction is to provide students an intensive review of material needed to pass the STAAR exam....[click here to continue reading]

A letter from the Superintendent explaining changes to school start times:

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the starting times at all middle and high schools will change by 10 minutes. The following is a letter from Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods explaining the changes.

Dear Northside families,

For years we have had a staggered start time for elementary, middle, and high schools. This gap in time between grade levels has helped our departments run efficiently as well as allowed for families to get multiple children to school in a timely manner.... [continue reading]

NISD Personal Data Verification for Returning Students

Parents / Guardians -

In an effort to cut down on paperwork that must be completed at the start of the new school year - we are beginning the process of requesting data to be updated yearly in our online registration system.  A letter was sent home today (February 12, 2019) with your child with directions for our Personal Data Verification process for the 2019-2020 school year. The deadline for completion is March 18th and we ask that you please complete this process at your earliest convenience. Please do not wait, to ensure accurate numbers and that we have your data available next year in our system - it is very imporant that this process be completed on each child enrolled in a NISD school.

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