Dear Families and Friends of Charles L. Kuentz, Jr. Elementary:

Welcome to the Northside Independent School District’s 64th Elementary School! We are the very proud administrators of Kuentz Elementary! Over the next year, we will have the opportunity to get to know one another and collaborate on all of the important tasks involved in opening a new campus. At Kuentz Elementary, we will work together to ensure that our students receive the high standard of education for which Northside ISD is known.

Mrs. Lori Gallegos, principal of Kuentz Elementary, is currently in her twentieth year as a teacher and administrator with the Northside ISD where she served as the principal of Eduardo Villarreal Elementary for six years prior to opening Kuentz Elementary in 2009. She believes that student success includes the development of students’ skills both academically and socially. She enjoys working with parents and community members in developing a school where students thrive and achieve their goals!

Kuentz Elementary is named after Charles L. Kuentz, Jr., a long-time educator and friend of the Northside Independent School District. His passion for teaching and instilling a love of music in students make it easy to see how deserving he is of this honor. We enjoy working with our namesake to include his vision for students in the programs that we offer.

Over the next few months we will have many opportunities to meet one another. Be sure to visit our website from time to time for updates on the Kuentz Elementary activities, as well as information on opportunities for student and parent involvement.

We appreciate the warm reception we have received from the Kuentz community. We look forward to serving our students and their families.


Lori Gallegos, Principal