Mark Wood and NISD Strings Rock Northside !!!!

Mark Wood, world renowned violinist and original artist with The Transiberian Orchestra, recently provided Northside string students the opportunity to explore and expand their use of string instruments.  Mark is perhaps the greatest rock fiddler on the planet and has a captivating way to teach young students the art of showmanship and use of string instruments in rock literature.  With over 300 elementary, middle school, and high school students on the Brennan High School Stage, Mark and company brought the house down with fresh renditions of a variety of music.  Classically trained, Mark reiterated the roots of string literature in the great classics of old, but of course, with a heavy rock accompaniment.

Northside string instructors, under the organization of Rayburn Orchestra Director Heather Gonzalez and the site organization of Brennan Orchestra Director, Armando Rivera, are to be commended for recognizing the opportunity to connect a young student’s interests with the presentation format and skill ability of Mark Wood.  This is a fabulous way in which to keep students involved.

Both audience and students benefited from this electrifying event. No doubt, we’ll be seeing more of Mark Wood with our Northside students in the future.  Who knows which student might become the next  Mark Wood.