Principal - Darren Calvert

Education: Awards:  
Bachelor of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies Rookie Teacher of the Year 1999
University of Texas at San Antonio Teacher of the Year 2000
Master of Arts – Counseling Teacher of the Year 2001
University of Texas at San Antonio Parent Partnership Award 2005
Master of Education – School Administration Parent Partnership Award 2006
Lamar University Educator of the Year 2009
Years in Education: 17 STCA Outstanding Counselor of the Year 2013

Although I did not graduate in Northside, I have worked in the district for 17 years. I began my career in Northside as a paraprofessional for two years and worked my way up to become a Special Education teacher. I taught for 6 years before accepting a job as a Behavior Specialist. After working 3 years as a Behavior Specialist, I decided to accept a job as a school counselor. After being a school counselor for six years, I decided to become an administrator. Although his is my first year as Principal of Excel Academy, my expectations are high, but I have a warm caring heart. Working at Excel Academy has allowed me to give the personal touch that helps students overcome their challenges and see them triumph in the end. Students do well at Excel Academy because we expect the best from them. Students put their future in our hands and I treat it with the respect that it deserves. Excel is the place where dreams become a reality.