Digital Rights & Responsibilities (Secondary): the privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them


Part I – Introduction

"Sexting" is the act of sending or receiving sexually-explicit images and messages, typically between cell phones.


In this lesson students will define the term sexting and outline the dangers of sharing explicit photos or other images online.

Part II – Class/Advisory Activities

•  Videos



Mom Loses Daughter Over 'Sexting ,' (4:28 minutes)
The Jesse Logan Case
'Sexting' bullying cited in teen's suicide - Teen sucide due to Sexting (7:25)

•  Discussion Questions



  1. What is Sexting?
  2. Is Sexting illegal?
  3. How can you prevent Sexting?
  4. Who is affected by Sexting?

•  Activities



1- What is Sexting?

Watch: Sexting PSA video and the Teens sharing nude photos online video.
Class Discussion: What is Sexting? Is Sexting illegal?
Teacher Tips: After watching the videos, have the students define the term sexting. Discuss the possible consequences of sexting- legal and emotional. Stress the fact that once something is online or sent to someone's phone it can NEVER be retrieved or taken down.
Activity Suggestion: writing prompt 1 and 2, journal 1 and Sexting Awareness activity.

2- The Dangers of Sexting
Watch: Mom Loses Daughter over Sexting and Dangers of Teen Sexting videos.
Class Discussion: Who is affected by sexting, and how can sexting be prevented?
Teacher Tips: The videos outline the extreme consequences of teen sexting. Most teens do not think before they post or send images online. Handout and discuss the Tips to Preventing Sexting worksheet.
Suggested Activity: writing prompt 3, journal 2, and sexting fact cards (option- cut out the cards and post them on a fact wall in the room).

Part III – Reflection

•  Writing Prompt(s)  
  1. Sexting is:
  2. Sexting can be harmful because:
  3. Sexting can be prevented by:

•  Journal Writing


  1. Write about an experience that have heard about or experienced with posting or texting information that was then sent out or shared.
  2. Write a persuasive essay on why sexting should or should not be considered illegal.
•  Other   Tips to Preventing Sexting

Part IV – Extension Activities

•  Class/Advisory – School Activities



To demonstrate the affects of online exploitation and for further classroom discussion, show the videos in the home interaction links: Bulletin Board and Everyone Knows Your Name.

•  Home Interaction Links


Everyone Knows Your Name

Part V – Resources

How to Handle Sexting

Mom Loses Daughter over Sexting

Sexting Tips

Online Safety FAQ

Connect Safely

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