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Digital Security
Wireless Security: Lesson Plan PDF
Grade Level: 6 -12


Part I Introduction

More and more people use laptops with wireless connections. These can be used at home on a wireless network, at school, and even at the local coffee shop. How safe is your wireless connection and the data that is transmitted?

In this unit, students will learn what a wireless connection is, how to protect a wireless network, as well as data sent over a wireless network.

Part II Class/Advisory Activities

•  Videos


Why you should protect your wireless network with WPA (5:49 minutes)
GetConnected - How To - Secure Wireless Router Set Up (5:53 minutes)

•  Discussion Questions



  1. True or False: It is difficult to password protect your wireless network, and it should only be done by trained professionals.
  2. Ask students if they have a wireless network at home. If so, is it password protected?
  3. What are some possible consequences of not password protecting your wireless network?

•  Activities


Do in class: On Guard Online quizzes

  1. Invasion of the Wireless Hackers
  2. The Case of the Cyber Criminal

Part III Reflection

•  Writing Prompt(s)   Do you think wireless networks in public places, such as the local coffee shop or airport are secure? If so, would you do online banking and online purchasing there? Why or why not?

•  Journal Writing


If someone breaks into your wireless network, should it be legal or illegal to steal personal information, account numbers and passwords? Explain.

Part IV Extension Activities

•  Class/Advisory School Activities


Complete the word search for Wireless Network Security

•  Home Interaction Links  

Talk to your parents about wireless security on your home network. Is your wireless network password protected? Do they know how to set it up or know where the manual is to do so? If not, most wireless routers have websites where the owner's manual can be downloaded.

Part V Resources

On Guard Online

Get Net Wise