School Environment and Student Behavior
Digital Access : Lesson Plan PDF
Grade Level: 6 -12


Part I – Introduction

Digital access is full electronic participation in society. What is your level of access? Do you have more or less electronic participation than your friends?

It is important to understand that not everyone has the same level of access; some have more, others less. In addition, some people choose to engage in technology more frequently than others, even to the point of excess. How much digital access/electronic participation is reasonable for a 7th grade student/high school student/or adult? Is it possible to "overload" on technology and get out of balance?

Part II – Class/Advisory Activities

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Technology Overload
Digital Access

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  1. How would you describe the level of "electronic participation" of the students in the video?
  2. How does your electronic participation/digital access compare to theirs?
  3. Do you have/use the same tools? Different tools?
  4. How much digital access/electronic participation is reasonable for a middle school or high school student?
  5. Who should determine what an acceptable level of access for middle school or high school students?
  6. How do you feel when you have “technology” overload?

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Digtal Access

Watch: Technology Overload
Class discussion – Discuss how different generations have had and do have access to technology.
Teacher Tips: Ask students to have a dialogue with their parents. Explain to them how their generation uses media. Tell them your favorite digital tools and gadgets. Ask their parents to explain how their generation used media. What were/are their favorite tools and gadgets?
Activity Suggestion: Record parents' responses using an MP3 player. Edit the recording using Audactiy. Play for class to hear.
Create a pie chart poster showing the percentage of time students spent using digital tools and gadgets: for example, computer use 15%, cell phones 60%, i-Pods 25%, PlayStations, etc.

Part III – Reflection

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Do you think the abundance of and access to media today is a good thing? Are we maintaining a healthy balance? Why or why not?

Part IV – Extension Activities

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Watch: Digital Access

Create a Wordle using appropriate terms.

There are many forms and levels of digital access. Discuss how your media habits compare to those of your peers .

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Have a discussion with your parents. Reference activity 1 above.

Part V – Resources

Digital Access

Digital Access – Pew Marketing

Wordle site