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2015 Summer Feeding Information

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2015 Summer Menus: Elementary School & Middle School

Tasteful Flavors from Around The World!

Welcome. Child Nutrition Services wishes you and your family another great school year for 2014-2015.

Did you know that NISD Child Nutrition has over 1200 Professional Staff Members to serve over 20 Million Meals this year!

In recent years, our Award Winning Menus reflect new regulations as well as student trends in taste and products. In fact, this year’s menus have approximately 20 New Entree Choices from New Meatless Selections to Pizzeria Style Pizzas. Students, parents, staff and visitors will enjoy Tasteful Flavors from Around The World!

Let your taste buds be your guide as you try the New & Improved School Dining Experience. Just Ask Northside NIC!

Please join us for The Best Meal Deal in Town!

Thomas Wherry
Director of Child Nutrition Services

Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall Information

Northside Child Nutrition Services is Not Selling any Blue Bell Products until further notice.