CCA Parade of Homes Build Competition

This year our students will participate in the 2nd Annual CCA Parade of Homes build competition.  As part of the Academy’s advanced curriculum students will be challenged to work together to design, engineer, and construct a fully functional Micro Home from a shipping container.  Students will select from one of three design styles to include "Man Cave--High Tech;" "Metro Modern ADA--Handicap Accessible;" or  "LEED/Green Energy." 

Students comprised of engineers, architects, construction managers, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC and electricians will work together to convert 4 shipping containers into a fully functioning home.   Students will contribute to the competition based on their skills learned in class.   Teams must adhere to the following criteria: 

  • Each team must complete their home no later than April 30th.

  • Parameters:  House cannot exceed 16’ wide and must not exceed 13’ 6” in height. 

  • Must be fully functional i.e. utilities, bathroom, kitchen, sleeping area, etc.

  • Donations can be solicited with no limitations on how much received in donations.  

Teams will be faced with the same challenges construction companies face every day in the industry i.e. codes, permits, inspections, banking, scheduling, troubleshooting, materials acquisition, etc.   Students will be faced with real world challenges and deal with the same expectations companies encounter on a day to day basis.   As part of the build competition students will need to:

  • Collaborate with a team on layout, design and style of home.

  • Engineer the property and layout the grades.

  • Draw the CAD and elevations.

  • Create a comprehensive materials list. 

  • Create a build schedule.

  • Prepare and do a presentation on their home. 

  • Investigate and adhere to building codes.

  • Go through the process of pulling permits.

  • Go through the banking process and disperse funds.

  • Maneuver through challenges faced during the build process.

  • Stage the home for the Parade of Homes showing. 

The competition will culminate in a Parade of Homes and Home and Garden Show that will be open to the community, schools, business partners, and the greater San Antonio area.  Homes will be judged by a panel of members from the learning community.  The following recognitions will be awarded:  

  • Best Overall

  • Best Design

  • Best Front Elevation

  • Best Floor Pan

  • Best Craftsmanship

  • Best Kitchen

  • Best Bathroom 

To ensure the success of the competition we need your help.  We are asking our parents, the community and our business partners to donate.  We are asking for donations of materials and/or money.   By partnering with CCA and NISD it will ensure the success of the competition.  The receipt and/or pickup of all donations are coordinated through our front office.  If you are able to donate please contact the front office to make arrangements (397-4294).  Click Here for more information on what and/or how you can donate.