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Mark Hilderbrand - NISD Tennis Coordinator - USPTA 1
20 years of experience
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NTC - Northside ISD Tennis Center  - 210.398.1800
ATC - Annemarie Tennis Center - 210.397.7592

2014 Tournament Results

2014 District and Regionals

NTC - Northside ISD Tennis Center
12045 Leslie Rd. ♦ Helotes, TX 78023


 Fall 2013

Spring Semester Court Availability:  

As a standard we will have Afterschool programs and NISD events, Monday - Friday from 4:00PM, with courts beginning to clear at 8:00 PM.

Courts are accessible for play to the public 8:00 pm -10:00 PM  - Monday thru Friday, except when events are scheduled.

Saturdays are full if there is an event, and Sunday is free.  

Access our schedule by clicking the link to the right of this page.  

The Tennis Program in NISD services eleven High School tennis programs and nineteen Middle School tennis programs.  After school and summer instructional programs service more than 200 students ages 5 - 17.  

This new center has 18 lighted courts, including 6 'Quick-Start' Youth courts and 2 backboards.

Shop hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00.  Courts are accessible for play until 10:00 PM, 7 days a week, except when events are scheduled.  We have summer camps scheduled Monday - Thursday from 9:00 to 1:00 excluding the week of July 4th.  On July 5th, 6th and 13th, no courts will be available day or evening due to event scheduling.  

Please check our calendars as we post events throughout the summer.  There may be events scheduled, but often times all of the courts are not needed, allowing open courts for patrons.

ATC - Annemarie Tennis Center
7001 Culebra Rd. ♦ San Antonio, TX  78238
Manager - Contact Tim Godwin


Annemarie Murillo directed and supervised the Northside ISD Tennis Center from 1992-2004. In that time she touched the lives of hundreds of Northside patrons of all ages.

Annemarie strongly believed in the immediate and long-lasting benefits of tennis in the lives of young people. She worked tirelessly to find ways to provide an opportunity for any child to learn and play who had an interest or desire to do so. She gave of her own time and resources to provide equipment and instruction for kids who could not afford it otherwise.

To the coaches and players of the school teams in NISD she will be remembered for her calm presence, a never ending source of encouragement, and her amazing selfless attitude. All who came in contact with her were captivated by her perpetual optimism. 

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Regional Results

Boys Singles - 2nd place - Gabriel Evans, Jay
Boys Singles - 3rd place - Rudy Bonilla, Clark
Girls Singles - 3rd place - Elizabeth Hlavinka, O'Connor

State Qualifier - Gabriel Evans, Jay
State Tournament - April 28-29 @Penick Allison Tennis Center, Austin, TX


Boys Singles Girls Singles
Boys Doubles Girls Doubles
Mixed Doubles

Scores - April 4

Boys Singles Girls Singles
Boys Doubles Girls Doubles
Mixed Doubles

Scores - April 5

Boys Singles Girls Singles
Boys Doubles Girls Doubles
Mixed Doubles

Tournament Results

4-A SAISD District Champion

1st Place - Girls Singles - Adrianna Marquez, Brennan HS

Kemah Invitational

1st Place - Boys Singles - Rudy Bonilla, Clark HS
2nd Place - Boys Singles - Ricky Keh, Clark HS

3rd Place - Girls Singles - Hanna Rafferty, Clark HS

1st Place - Mixed Doubles - Sergio Martinez / Martha Dill, Clark HS
2nd Place - Mixed Doubles - Jack Kunau / Molly Kiehne, Clark HS

Rockport Tournament

3rd Place - Boys Singles - Jacob Carcano, Stevens HS

SCUCISD Tournament

1st Place - Girls Singles - Brenda Alexe, Brandeis HS
1st Place - Mixed Doubles - Charbel Salem / Alexis Arguijo, Brandeis HS

Warren-Brennan Tournament

1st Place - Gabe Evans, Jay HS

Northwest Invitational

Girls Singles - 2nd place - Jasmine Farias, Marshall HS
Boys Singles - 2nd Place - Matt Price, Marshall HS
Boys Singles - 3rd Place - Grayson Wade, Warren HS
Boys Doubles - 3rd Place - Javier Reyes / Ian Cook, Warren HS
Girls Doubles - 1st Place - Kaylan Russ / Odalys Vargas, Warren HS
Girls Doubles - 2nd Place - Jewel Arroyo / Desirae Carbajal, Warren HS
Mixed Doubles - 1st Place - Niko Sanchez / Amanda Garcia, Warren HS

NEISD/NISD Tournament - February 21-22

            Boys A Singles
1st Place - Gabe Evans, Jay HS
3rd Place - Dario Bello, Health Careers HS

            Boys B Singles
1st Place - Jonah Castelhano, Marshall HS
2nd Place - Grayson Wade, Warren HS

            Girls A Singles
2nd Place - Elizabeth Hlavinka, O'Connor HS

            Girls B Singles
2nd Place - Serena Delacruz, Holmes HS
3rd Place - Camille Cater, Brandeis HS

            Girls A Doubles
3rd Place - Anita Ghamarian / Roumina Ghamarian, Health Careers HS

            Girls B Doubles
1st Place - Martha Delgado / Jasmine Farias, Marshall HS
2nd Place - Jewel Arroya / Desirae Carbajal, Warren HS
3rd Place - Jackie Smith / Jordan Burge, Taft HS

            Mixed A Doubles
2nd Place - Matthew Quarderer / Amanda Vaquera, Warren HS

            Mixed B Doubles
1st Place - Layan Sasa / Hanzhi Guo, Brandeis HS

Tournament Results - February 15

Battle of the Bay Corpus Invitational

3rd Place - Matt Price, Marshall HS

Edison Varsity Tournament

                        Boys Singles
1st Place - Gabe Evans, Jay HS
2nd Place - Matt Barnes, Brandeis HS

                        Girls Singles
2nd Place - Raevan Salas, Stevens HS

                        Girls Doubles
2nd Place - Brianna Hungate / Makenzi Hall, Brandeis HS

                        Mixed Doubles
2nd Place - Alexis Arguijo / Charbel Salem, Brandeis HS

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