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The way we teach today is entirely different than the way it was 100 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 5 years ago!  Technology has opened up whole new world to our students.  The tools we use for teaching have evolved over the years.  "Modern" used to mean chalk and slates, blackboards and the first color pictures in textbooks. 

With the advent of modern technology, our "tools" have really changed.  What technology tools are available for you to use with students to help "power them up" at school?  Below are some 21st Century teaching tools you can use to integrate technology into your teaching, and also into the projects your students create.

For help with these Teacher Technology tools, go to Desktop-->Staff Shortcuts Folder-->Technology Help or at home, go to efiles--> I:/Staff/Technology Help


Technology tools to help teachers and students connect the dots...

Digital Projector

Show videos, simulations, web sites, presentations, student work and more!


The ELMO can be used for "live" demonstrations, written work and show and tell for all curriculum.  The camera may be pointed down on any document or object or pointed outwards to capture students.  With this tool, who needs a camcorder?

With the Elmo ImageMate software, users can take .jpg pics of any documents and also video of demonstrations, skits, etc. Videos may be uploaded to S:/Templates, Outreach, Edmodo or other sites for later viewing.

Teacher Station

Limited only by a teacher's imagination, the teacher station can be used at school for presentations, to show videos, communicate thru e-mails and blogs, take grades, find useful information on the Internet, etc.

Student Stations

Each classroom has at least two student desktops for student use. Students may use computers for research, class projects, blogging, etc. It is important that students are monitored at all times and that they are using computers for educational purposes only.

Computer Labs

A number of computer labs are available for teachers to sign up for at the middle and high school. Teachers can access sign-up spreadsheets on their campus, view what's available and reserve the lab for up to three days consecutively.

JAR Carts / Netbooks

A JAR cart is a mobile cart that contains 16 "netbooks". They work very much like laptops, only smaller. Software included is Microsoft Office, Inspiration and Internet Explorer. Teachers assign laptops and students can work on projects / research from their desks. Although batteries may last up to 7 hours, charge netbooks during lunch period.

Mobi "Chalkboard"

This tool frees the classroom teacher up from the front of the room. It can be used as a mouse, pen, highlighter, drawing tool, interactive whiteboard and much more. Paired with the software "Interwrite Workspace" this is a powerful teaching tool! Whatever is done on the Mobi shows up on the projector screen for all to see!

CPS Clicker System

Do your students understand what you have taught them? Many times, the same kids raise their hand when you check for understanding. With the CPS clickers, EACH student answers and you can check their mastery with the click of the mouse or by viewing on your Mobi LCD screen. This tool is highly recommended by teachers!

Smart Board

Breathe new life into your lessons. Use it for writing, using special pens and eraser. Or, using the Smart Notebook software, it becomes interactive, where words and objects can be moved around. Pages created can be saved and retrieved for later use.

Promethean Board

This interactive board opens up a new world to teaching and learning. Engage students with DI lessons that are fun and meaningful! With Promethean Planet, find lessons that are TEKS aligned. Find flip charts from Promethean Planet or create your own!

Web Cam & Skype

Like a modern day pen pal, use a web cam to bring experts into your classroom thru the Internet for interviews, collaborate with other classes in your building or around the world! It works much like a video phone bringing both audio and video thru your computer and to the projector screen.

Flip Video Camera

It's easier than you think... point, press record, make your video, press stop. Then flip up the USB and download to your computer in a matter of seconds. Record a skit, check for understanding, make an educational "rap" song, report the school news, and more. Students love it!

iPod Touch

Students love hand held technology. With iPods, they can listen to audio books, podcasts and videos, In addition, they can record audio, take pictures and record video (generation 4). There are lots of free apps that can be downloaded from iTunes. Students can even use the Internet, with teacher approval.


Do you need a document or picture saved on your computer from a hard copy? Use a scanner. It's easy to use and doesn't take long to master. Most labs and work rooms have a scanner available for use.

Presenter Mice

Why be tied to your computer during presentations? These mice allow you to advance PowerPoint slides. The one with the track ball works like a mouse pointer and allows you to open files, click on links of the Internet and more! Both have laser pointers to help point out important details.


eFiles allows NISD staff members to access their H: and I: drive at home.  This is browser based, so you will login through the Internet.  Once logged in, you need to Download (GET) and SAVE an existing file to your desktop, My documents, etc.  Then open and work on the file. Save often.  When finished, do one last save and exit the file.  Upload the file back to the desired folder in eFiles and it'll be there when you return to work.


sFiles gives students access to teacher handouts. And... it gives students a way to turn in their work without having to print it out for you. It's available at school for teachers and students by going to My Computer / S: (Templates or TurnIn).  The S: drive should NOT be confused with the student's H: drive, which is labeled with their student ID number.

Outreach Web Page

This is a great communication tool to get the word out to parents and students. Include course description, expectations, upcoming events, handouts, web links, pictures and videos. Parents love being kept in the loop and they do check your Outreach page!

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