What is sFiles?

Just as students store assignments in notebooks in their locker, they can store their digital files in a digital locker called sFiles.  Students may access "handouts" that teachers leave in the s:/Templates folder.  Once a student completes an assignment, it may be copied and pasted into the Turn In folder for that teacher.


  • Safe, secure file storage for ALL students at Middle and High School

  • At school, it is server based in all computer labs - My Computer\s######(H:)

  • For home use, it is web based: access from any Internet connected computer.*

  • A student account is created after a current Acceptable Use Policy form is appropriately signed, returned and entered into the Student Management System.

  • 100 MB of storage space

  • Full access by student to create and delete folders and files

  • Cannot be tampered with by unauthorized users (keep login and password secret!)

  • sFiles\Templates for teachers to post handouts and directions

  • sFiles\Turn in\(S:) folder to turn in completed assignments**

  • Username and Password are the same as Parent Connection login

  • Upload / Download files to / from any Internet connected computer

This system is being used by many students in Northside ISD and is available for ALL students at Zachry MS, Comm Arts HS and Taft HS. A student may start using his / her account, once the AUP form has been appropriately signed, returned and entered into the NISD student database.

Text Directions
Quick Start - School and Home Use

Home Use - Detailed Directions

Video Tutorials
School Use
Home Use

If you have any questions, please contact the C.I.T. (Campus Instructional Technologist), Mr. Petersen @ 397-7458 (Zachry MS), 397-5983 (Taft HS) or email john.petersen@nisd.net

* Home use is dependent on software available on home computer. Should you need to purchase Microsoft Office with an eductational discount, please click here.

** The turn in folder will only show those teachers that have chosen to use this option.