6th Grade ALPHA Students Participate in GT Showcase

Roller coasters, model building, 3-D sidewalk chalk art, silent film creation- all in a day's work at the first 6th grade A.L.P.H.A. GT Showcase.  GT Specialists Shaunna Garner (Vale/Connally), Laura Barrera (Zachry), and Lizzy Aguilar-Cruz (Vale) worked collaboratively to organize the event that was held on May 12 at Zachry Middle School.  The Showcase involved students being organized into mixed groups to compete in challenges and activities based on the three units that were in covered in their GT curriculum: Modern Art, Structures, and Optical Illusions.  Students also showcased their best work by choosing to bring one of their unit projects and creating higher level questions for their peers to answer.  Parent volunteers and 8th grade A.L.P.H.A. students all came together to make the event a success.