Help Zachry Book Club Win a $20,000 Grant!

The Zachry Middle School Book Club, “Zachry Community of Readers” is a semi-finalist in the 2014 Team-Up Challenge sponsored by San Antonio Spurs Sports and Entertainment

We won a $2,500 grant at the beginning of the school year.   With that money we have been able to purchase over 1,500 books to be distributed within community.  We hold bi-monthly book readings at Knowlton Elementary School where we read a book, engage in a culminating activity, and then gift the books to the elementary students.  We are also engaging in Skype Book Talks with students at Northwest Crossing Elementary School.  We have built bookshelves and stocked them with books and donated them to feeder elementary schools.  We hold Book Socials and Community Book Swaps and also donate books to Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Our Zachry Book Club members have had a fantastic year promoting literacy throughout the community.  Here is a great video on what the Zachry Book Club does to promote the "Zachry Community of Readers".


We ask that you take the time to go to the following link to cast your vote and show your support for our schoolWe are in the running and hope to win an additional grant of $20,000 that will help us continue this great service in our community. 


Simply go to: *

Note:  If you cannot get the voting page to load, please use Chrome or try another browser.

Scroll down and click on the radio button next to “Zachry Middle School”.  Then click “Submit Form”.

Vote as many times as you want!! There is no limit!  Voting is open until midnight, April 7.