SCE Math Teacher "Flips" the Classroom

Mrs. Giovannelli teaches State Compensatory Math at Zachry Middle school.  SCE Math is a second math class to help students be more successful in math.  This is the first year she has used the Edmodo site for her classes.  She is teaching lessons by what is known as "flipping the classroom".

Mrs. Giovanelli helps a student while others view video and work independently

Most days the class is divided into stations.  Mrs. Giovannelli is able to pre-record her lesson and upload it to the Edmodo site.  Students in her classes are able to view the lesson and complete whatever work there is that goes along with the lesson.  The upload allows her to teach in two places at once.  Some students are listening to the uploaded lesson on the computer while she is working with another small group.

An SCE Math student logs into Edmodo

This is also a great benefit to those students out sick.  They can view and complete the lesson at home or when they get back to school.  Past lessons stay in her Edmodo library so students can review any concept at any time from home or school.

A student works out a math problem while viewing a video on Edmodo

Her students have been excited to use the Edmodo site for these lessons.  They frequently ask her when she will upload a new lesson.