Henry Bartell Zachry

H. B. Zachry was born on September 27, 1901, in Uvalde, Texas. He graduated from Texas A & M in 1922 with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. In 1924 he began his construction company by building a single bridge. This accomplishment started a worldwide conglomerate which now includes construction, oil and gas, cement manufacturing, ranching, gravel and sand mining, insurance and real estate.

Education of Texas students was always of utmost importance to Mr. Zachry. Thousands of students have attended our Texas colleges due to Mr. Zachry's contributions for scholarships and academic support. Many of these students never knew who provided their support, and that was the way he wanted it. He specifically ordered college officials to never disclose the total amount of his contributions, but it is known to have been in the millions of dollars.

H. B. Zachry died on September 5, 1984. Because he did not seek the limelight, the full extent of his good works will probably never be known to the public. We should remember, however, his undying belief in the virtues of individual initiative and the American free enterprise system.