History of Warren Academic Decathlon

History of Warren Academic Decathlon

Earl Warren High School
School Founded 2002
Team Established 2002
Accomplishments Warren has placed 24th at their first State Competition in 2006, and then 14th in 2007. Now Warren has placed 12th at State Competition in 2012 along with being a participant at the Quiz Bowl at Trinity University and competing at the World Scholar's Cup where they qualified for finals.
City San Antonio, Texas
Team Colors Black, Purple, Silver
Principal David Empson
Coaches Terry Zablocki, Mary Lagleder
Regional/County Championships 2009
Region/County Location Region IV
Highest Finish 12th in Texas State Large Schools (2012)

Brief School History

Earl Warren High School opened in the fall of 2002 to eliminate crowding at several Northside Independent School District schools. Since this time, two major boundary changes have affected Warren, one which entailed the opening of John Paul Stevens High School, and a shift of students from Warren back to Holmes High School.

Academic Decathlon History

In 2002-2003, Terry Zablocki established the AD program with the first Academic Decathlon team. As an "expansion team", the Warriors showed immediate promise.

2003-2004 was a better year for the Earl Warren Warriors. The team improved substantially, and was ready to take on the competition at the Region IV contest. Kristina McDonald and Shirley Field, who were Holmes Honor students, was expected to be the number one and number two overall honors winners at region. However, Kara Chan, the top honor for Earl Warren, scored over 8,500 points and took Overall Honors Gold, surprising many competitors, especially Holmes. Warren finished third in the Region, but narrowly missed out on their first state berth. Warren would have to find new ways to excel without Kara Chan, as she graduated at the end of the year.

2004-2005 saw the Warriors again narrowly miss state, but not before a good showing at Regionals, in which Dominique Vargas, won her team Fifth Overall Varsity, as well as Second in the Super Quiz Relay.

2005-2006 was the first year the Warriors qualified for state in only their 3rd year of Decathlon competition. At Regionals, Warren was locked into battle with the O'Connor Panthers for third overall. While O'Connor proved victorious for third overall team, Warren had an excellent showing for fourth place overall, helped especially by Chris McQueen, Chris Barthold, and Stacey Chan (sister of Kara Chan). O'Connor and Warren qualified for 36th and 37th places, but State 2006 told a far different story when Warren improved dramatically to 24th place, with several medals to boot. Most notably, Chris McQueen claimed Warren's first state gold medal in the Scholastic Super Quiz competition.

2006-2007 saw a dramatic climb up the charts for Warren. At Regionals, Warren fought against not only O'Connor, but now Holmes as well for the top three slots. Holmes would eventually take first place with over 43,000, but O'Connor and Warren continued to fight for second overall. O'Connor would win second, and Warren took third with a close 40,542. At State, Warren initially entered at 14th and retained 14th place at the State Competition. Warren picked up six medals at state, including Carlos Camacho's gold medal in the scholastic speech division with a perfect 1000 score.

2007-2008 was a rebuilding year for the Warriors as they retained only one member from their previous year's team. However, their veteran scholastic Robert Greer and eight new "green" members did not disappoint, as Warren took 3rd place at Regionals with a score of 40,007 points. The Warriors claimed a team gold in the Super Quiz Relay; individual team members had success as well as Ellijah Perez took the varsity speech gold with a perfect 1,000 score, Nicole King won bronze in the scholastic overall competition, and junior Saskia Versteeg took silver in overall honors. The Warriors proved their perennial ability by qualifying for State for the 3rd year in a row at 22nd place. At the State competition, Christina Ortiz won Warren's 3rd state gold medal with a perfect 1000 in the varsity interview competition.

2008-2009 marked the strongest season for the Warren AD team so far. They brought back 2 experienced honors to set a final team of 8 seniors and 1 junior after Holmes meet, where they took 4th place. However, Regionals truly showed the strength of the Warren team, as they won 1st place by over 2,000 points, breaking a 6 year streak by Holmes High School. The Warriors claimed over 40 individual medals at this competition and also took 1st place SQ Relay (by 6 questions) and 1st place team super quiz. As a testament to their coaches' work with speech and economics the Warriors swept the 1st place speech medals, with Mariah Villareal in varsity, Maggie Simpson in scholastic, and Saskia Versteeg in honors, and they took 1st in varsity (Mariah) and honors (Saskia) economics. Perfect scores included Sierra van den Dries in interview and Saskia in speech. Individual honorees included Nicole Yamzon (3rd varsity), Mariah (1st varsity), Kirstie Salinas (2nd scholastic), Sierra (5th honors), Joshua (2nd honors), and Saskia (1st honors, 8915 pts). The Warriors broke school records by reaching 43,496 points at Regional competition, and entered State ranked 6th in Texas. At State, the Warriors kept up their adventuresome reputation by engaging in a (friendly?) game of broomball with DemiDec Dan, and the O'Connor and Clark AD teams the night after testing ended. Medals the next day included Sierra with a silver in speech, Saskia with a silver in economics and super quiz, Joshua with a silver in social science, Nicole with bronzes in both art and literature, and Mariah with a first place in art. Saskia was also the first Warren decathlete to place overall at state, claiming 5th place honors by a narrow margin. Overall, the Warren team placed 13th at state, yet another school record. The Wacadec 2009 team hopes to have sparked a tradition that will keep Warren AD successful for years to come.

2011-2012 Was by far Warren's best year for Academic Decathlon. Bringing back 3 experienced decathletes and the new addition to the Chan Legacy, Aaron Chan. That year Warren took 2nd place at their Regional competition and 1st place in Superquiz Relay, overall accumulating about 39,300 points which allowed them to continue into State competition where they took 12th place, the highest place Warren has reached, where they accumulated about 41,000 points. The 2011-2012 team consisted of Honors (Ariel Penny, Matthew Tijerina, and Aaron Chan) Scholastics (Rosario Espinoza, Joseph Hernandez, and Brett Beatty) and Varsitys (Letroy Delgado-Evans, Andrew Council, and Serena Lopez.)

Ariel Penny who received a 1st place medal in Essay and Language and Literature, 2nd place Economics and Superquiz medal, and 3rd place Music, Math, and Overall score medal at Regionals. At State Ariel received a 2nd place medal in Music and a 3rd place medal in Superquiz, she also answered 5 out of 5 questions correctly in the Superquiz relay. Matthew Tijerina received a 3rd place medal in Essay, Economics, Language and Literature, and Superquiz. Matthew Also ended up 4th place Overall at Regionals. At State Matthew received a 2nd place medal for Essay and a 3rd place medal in Interview and Superquiz, he also answered 5 out of 5 questions correctly in the Superquiz relay. Aaron Chan ended up 5th place Overall at Regionals.

Rosario Espinoza received a first place medal in Interview and Language and Literature and answered 5 out of 5 questions correctly in the Superquiz relay at Regionals. Joseph Hernandez received a 1st place medal in Superquiz, a 2nd place medal in Math, and a 3rd place medal in Economics. He also answered 5 out of 5 correctly on the Superquiz relay at Regionals. Brett Beatty received a 1st place medal Overall for Scholastics, a 1st place medal for Math, Economics, and Physics, a 2nd place in Superquiz, and a 3rd place in Language and Literature and Speech at Regionals. Brett Also received a 2nd place medal for Math and Physics at State.

Letroy Delgado-Evans received a 2nd place medal in Superquiz and a 3rd in Music at Regionals. Andrew Council received a 2nd place in Math at Regionals. Serena Lopez received a 3rd place in Economics at Regionals and Serena also received a 1st place medal in Speech and Interview at the State Competition.

Not only did this year hold Warren's highest State ranked record of 12th place in all of Texas but this year marked the first time Earl Warren High School has brought live Alpacas to the school during Regional competition along with DemiDec Dan. This year was also the first year anyone on the team had experienced Trampoline Dodge ball. The team of 2011-2012 rose to the challenge that the year of 2008-2009 had set for them and surpassed it. Now the team of 2011-2012 hopes that the teams in the future keep our traditions, no matter how insane and crazy they may be, alive and well.