I am Wanke Proud


Wanke is full of very special people that genuinely care about the kids. I love the positive atmosphere.

We are building life-long leaders!

I am Wanke proud, my children attend Wanke too!

Since the day we opened, Wanke has been the greatest school on the planet!

I work with teachers who meet the needs of their students.

I am proud to serve students who are so eager to learn and be part of our school.

We strive for all student success!

Wanke puts kids above all else!

Math Rocks started at Wanke in 2008 and is now at 62 campuses!

We are growing leaders!

At Wanke we all Lead

These are some of the best staff and faculty I've worked with. As things have been going on, the support I/we've received has been amazing. Every year, it seems we get better and better at Leading the Pack!

We work hard to excell in all areas.

I have worked at a couple of different schools before I came to Wanke, and I have never been at a school where there are so many amazing veteran teachers looking to share their expertise. As a newer teacher, it is inspiring to look to them as models of what great classroom instruction looks and sounds like. I am proud to have become a part of such a talented and hard-working team.

I love working with a team dedicated to student learning.

I am very proud to be a staff member at Wanke as we have a very positive school and staff. Many parents and substitutes comment on what a welcoming school we have from the minute you walk in the door. Happy staff means a Happy school! Happy school means Happy kids! Isn't that what it is all about?

It's a positive environment for both students and teachers.

I see many students make that "light bulb" moment and apply their knowledge voraciously to everything they can!

My students tell me that they're excited to come to school every day! That's how it should be!

Wanke puts our students’ needs first!

We consistently collaborate as a team to give students and families the best educational experience possible.

I get to work out with amazing students every day.

We have the staff that goes above and beyond to make sure that every child gets what they need.

Our staff is very supportive of one another.

Kindergartner came home super excited and said "I met my goal mom!!!!" Aaah-ooooooooooooooh!

I heard it was a good school that kids worked hard to be successful. The staff I was told worked hard to make the kids the best they could be. I began working here and feel blessed to be at a school that believes in academics as well as, treating others with respect.

Whether you are new to Wanke or have been here from the start, once you are here, you are part of the wolf pack family for life.

Everyone works as a team!

We have Great Students and Great Staff.

Wanke teachers welcome all students into their classroom. They don't hesitate to include students with high academic and behavioral needs.

Friendly staff and leader students.

We are all about the kids!

Wanke students, parents, and staff lead by example each and every day... inspiring each other along the way!