Social Studies

National Geographic Underground Railroad - Go on an interactive journey of an Underground Railroad.

America's Historical Documents The National Archives provides access to records of the Federal Government

U. S. History Timeline  infoplease site timeline of the United States before 1600 to 2000-

TimeLine Generator - Scroll down and enter the title and data for your timeline. The generator will create it for you.

United States Map - It looks blank, but if you hover your mouse over a state, it shows the state name and capital name.

Printable Blank Map of the United States

States Game - Blank map of the U.S. with states as puzzle pieces to add to the map

Google Maps - Zoom in/out for city/state/country/world

Kids National Geographic - Many great articles and images that are kid friendly!


Online textbooks created and hosted by the Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia—

U. S. History

American Government