UTSA Students Perform

The Pied Piper

On Wednesday January 8th, 2014 UTSA provided Villarreal students with their first operatic experience!  Early Wednesday morning students from the UTSA Music department arrived to set up scenery and sound.  They presented Seymour Barab’s popular Pied Piper opera for the students of Villarreal. 


Several first graders from each class were nominated by their teachers to play rats who were lured away by the piper.  Additionally fifteen 4thgrade Villarreal Choir members had the opportunity to play the village children, this included singing in two scenes with the UTSA students. After a brief introduction from UTSA staff, students and faculty alike enjoyed the humorous opera and the quality music.  


After the play, Villarreal was gifted a copy of the book “The Pied Piper of Hamlin” to commemorate the occasion.  This opportunity was made possible by the Opera Guild of San Antonio, to whom Villarreal is very thankful, for providing this wonderful experience!