About Valley Hi

Valley Hi opened its doors in the year 1963 to the surrounding community including the children of the service members stationed at Medina Base. Children from the Medina Base attended Valley Hi until building their own school on Lackland Air Force Base. Valley Hi continues to this day its close relationship with the service men and women stationed at Medina Base. When Valley Hi was built, it was named after the subdivision here at that time.

Our school colors are white and navy blue and our school mascot is the Woodchuck. One wonders how the Woodchuck became Valley Hi's mascot. Back in the 1963 timeframe Valley Hi was a rural area and woodchucks (ground squirrels) inhabited the fields surrounding the area. These woodchucks as they were called back then used Valley Hi Elementary as their playground. The school was overrun with these creatures. They inhabited the gym and classrooms. Consequently, Valley Hi became the home of the Woodchucks.

The mission of Valley Hi Elementary is to provide a strong foundation of learning by offering quality instruction, in a nurturing, supportive, and positive environment. We, in partnership with the community, encourage, and challenge each student to strive for personal excellence in becoming life-long learners, and to be responsible and contributing citizens in our culturally diverse society.

What else happened in 1963 when Valley Hi opened?

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech to 250,000 people in Washington, D.C.
  • President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.
  • The Postal Service introduced 5-digit zip code.
  • Spiderman was a hit cartoon.
  • Methodist Hospital opens in San Antonio.

School Colors: Navy Blue and White
School Spirit Days: Every Friday
School Mascot: Woodchuck