Transportation: Special Needs


Dear Parents of Students Riding NISD Special Needs Buses:

The following information is important for parents of students who the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee has  determined require special needs bus service. This service is provided as a related service under Title 34 CFR 300.16. Your child's eligibility for special needs bus service was outlined for you in the ARD committee. The campus Special Education Coordinator can further explain your child's transportation service privileges and responsibilities. Please contact your respective campus coordinator if there are any further questions about special needs bus service.

As Parents you should:

  1. Attend your child's ARD committee meetings and the Annual Reviews. State the need for your child's special needs bus service or special handling so these issues can be considered by the ARD committee. The ARD committee, through the campus special education coordinator, will notify the Transportation Department in a timely manner to schedule your child's bus service.

  2. Please notify the your assigned bus station when your child will not ride the bus for several days each time your child will miss his or her AM or PM run.

  3. Please notify your school principal or the campus special education coordinator before you change ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER or make other CHILD CARE arrangements for pick-up or drop-off service. NOTE: When bus service changes are received by the Special Needs Routing Office they are usually implemented WITHIN THREE (3) FULL SCHOOL DAYS AFTER NOTIFICATION FROM YOUR SCHOOL. A change of pick up or drop off times notification will be provided you concerning any route changes.

  4. When choosing a day care, childcare or alternate pickup or drop off SITE IT MUST BE WITHIN YOUR HOME SCHOOL'S ATTENDANCE AREA. Pick-up or drop-off sites convenient to or at your worksite are not authorized.

Parent's Responsibility At Pickup Time:

  1. Have your child fully clothed, toileted and ready at the bus stop five (5) to ten (10) minutes before the pick-up time. The special needs bus will wait at the curb for two (2) minutes. The bus must leave if your child is not approaching and boarding. The bus will not wait for students not prepared for the bus ride. Ensure that a responsible person is ready at home at the student pickup time.

  2. Accompany your child to the curb where the Bus Assistant can greet your student outside the bus before boarding.  FAILURE TO RIDE FOR THREE (3) CONSECUTIVE DAYS may result in termination of bus service until Special Needs Routing at 210-397-0870 discusses how to reinstate bus service.

Parent's Responsibilities At Drop-Off:

  1. Be at home at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled drop off time for your child.

  2. Meet your child at the curb so that the Driver or Assistant can transfer the child's custody and responsibility to you.

  3. Complete a Release Authorization Form that shows who is authorized to accept your child from the school bus team. NO OTHER PERSON WILL BE ACCEPTED TO RECEIVE YOUR CHILD WITHOUT YOUR AUTHORIZATION. Your Bus Team will provide a copy of the form for you to complete or to change whenever you need to make changes for the people who are authorized to receive your child.

  4. WHEN NO ONE MEETS YOUR CHILD the Driver will continue the route until all others have been delivered. Then the bus will return to your home to attempt a second delivery. If no authorized person is at home, transportation will attempt to contact the parent to inform you that your child has been taken to the NISD Police Office (5916 Grissom- 397-5600). NISD Police will transfer your child to the Child Protective Services if no parent can be reached.

  5. The bus DOES NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD AT A WORKSITE. Delivery is only to the home or to the care giver in the attendance area.

  6. If the drop-off is at a day care center or preschool, please arrange to have a responsible person at the facility meet your child at the identified bus drop-off/pick-up location, so that the Bus Assistant can transfer the child's custody and responsibility. NISD personnel is only authorized to pick-up or drop-off your child at the identified bus drop-off/pick-up location

Your Child's Bus Behavior:

  1. All students must carefully follow bus rules for their own safety and the safety of all others on the bus. Each child should be taught these Basic Bus Safety Rules to help maintain good order on the bus:
  2. Be on time for bus service.
  3. Fasten your seat belt and keep it on.
  4. Remain seated when the bus is moving.
  5. No eating or drinking.
  6. No fighting or loud arguments.
  7. Be quiet.
  8. Listen to ALL instructions from the Driver or the Assistant.

How will STUDENT BUS DISCIPLINE problems be handled?

  1. Bus behavior problems are reported to the campus administrator by the special needs team the same day they occur.

  2. Each campus's Student Parent Handbook describes how Bus Safety Reports are handled regarding your child's bus behavior. The principal or designee determines student disciplinary action. Options may include: DETENTION, SUSPENSION FROM SCHOOL OR SUSPENSION OF BUS RIDING PRIVILEGES. Conferences will be held with you to discuss or review behavioral issues and consequences. A student behavior management plan may be written from this conference.

  3. The Special Education Route Manager (397-0870) may recommend to the ARD committee to TERMINATE BUS SERVICE or to offer a PRIVATE CONTRACT in place of providing your child with school district transportation.