Science Simulations (5th Grade)

Glacier Simulation TEKS 5.7B

Potential and Kinetic Energy Simulation TEKS 5.6A 
Make sure you open the bar graph to see the levels of potential, kinetic, and total energy shown in this simulation.

Circuit Construction Kit TEKS 5.6B
Build your own circuit, then test to see if it works.

Bending Light Simulation TEKS 5.6C

Refraction Through Lens Simulation TEKS 5.6C

Sound Simulator TEKS 5.6A
See how sound waves travel and how they can change.

States of Matter Simulation TEKS 5.5A

Density Simulation TEKS 5.5A

Sunny Meadows Simulation Game TEKS 5.9 B & C

NOTE: In the explanation, it states that the rabbit is both a consumer and a producer. This is not true, as the rabbit is only a consumer.

See how you score in this simple food chain game that includes fox, rabbits, and plants. This is a good complement to the Oh Deer! game.