NEF Grant Awarded

"Can You Hear Me Now?"  This catchy title and a well-written grant application landed music teacher, Mrs. ReNee Nadeau, a $750 NEF Grant.  Apple Eddy and NEF sponsors delivered the grant on Thursday, November 7 during one of Mrs. Nadeau's music classes.

The music classroom at Thornton is on the stage next to the cafeteria.  Mrs. Nadeau wrote the grant to purchase a Phonak Soundfield System. This system  includes a wireless transmitter and speaker designed to project the frequency of the teacher's voice enabling students to hear clearly even with loud background noise near the classroom which is the case during lunch time in the cafeteria.

Mrs. Nadeau explained that "this system is not an amplification system which would only add to the sound decibel levels in the classroom, rather, it is a system that will project my voice. With this system, my students will think I am standing right next to them!"