Ms. Eakle's 5th Grade Class are Think Through Math Winners!

Ms. Eakle's 5th Grade Class

Students in Ms. Eakle’s fifth grade class are the winners in the Think Through Math “Math Every Day” contest! 

The students collaborated to write an essay describing how math is used every day.  Each student selected a job and described how math is used in that job and why it is important in doing that job.  The class grouped similar jobs and then combined and edited them to create a 689-word essay. The class voted on one student to design the artwork for their contest entry.  See Mason's drawing below.

In addition to winning a $100 gift card to Walmart, students also received TTM t-shirts and wrist bands. 

The Think Through Math “Math Every Day” team used the following criteria to judge the entries: 

  • 40% - relevance of example(s) to everyday life
  • 30% - quality of written narrative description
  • 30% - creativity/originality of the submission

Contest Entry Drawing