Technology Sharing Symposium

By Leann Kidd

Technology Sharing Symposium logoTechnology Support Specialist (TSS)  met for the 2nd annual Technology Sharing Symposium hosted by Training and Development. In early November the Technology Support Specialists were given the opportunity to volunteer to be a presenter at the symposium. Training and Development received eighteen amazing submissions from Technology Support Specialists that were ready to share their knowledge.

After weeks of planning, it was time for the sessions to start. Tuesday morning there were lines outside each door where the Technology Support Specialists were waiting to get into a sessions.  Presenters were ready with their activities and for the day begin.  Technology Support Specialists had the opportunity to attend sessions on scripting, design, communication, or just learn about a new tool that they could use when they returned back to campus. Listening to the buzz in the hallways made all the hard work worth it. Everyone was excited about what they had learned and were already sharing ideas on ways to implement the tools. From new marketing applications to new videos, our Technology Support Specialists are now equipped with new ideas to share with the campus staff. Some tools will make training easier, while others will help them market their ideas to get teachers in the seats at their trainings.

It was a great opportunity for the TSS is to learn from each other. We have an amazing group of Technology Support Specialists! This symposium gave them the opportunity to share what’s working at their campuses  and have that success blossom district wide. Having the ability to learn from each other is only going to grow the TSS community into a more collaborative and successful program. Eighteen Technology Support Specialists  presented at this conference, we can't wait to see what will have in store for next year!

Technology Sharing Symposium - Dec. 1-2, 2015