Tech Buddies

by Elizabeth R.

Partnering with a Buddy Class is nothing new, but Tech Buddies is a new twist on an old favorite! First grade teacher, Mrs. Valdez, and third grade teacher, Mrs. Sapp, at Steubing Elementary partnered their classes for an exciting buddy experience this year.  During the course of the year, when the two classes met, one class taught the other class new skills like how to create a project using apps such as iMovie, Telestory, Stop Motion, and Chatterpix.

Both teachers and their classes were thrilled with the results of the Buddy Class partnership!

Mrs. Valdez loves that this program helps her first graders to be technology leaders. Teaching students who are older than them provided an amazing boost in confidence! Mrs. Sapp says this was a perfect opportunity for her 3rd graders to collaborate with younger students and to be positive role models. Both teachers are excited to continue the program next year!